Calanca di Piana - the pearl of Corsica
( Bastia – Calanca di Piana – Porto – Bastia)
The municipality of Pyana is marked by the status of one of the most beautiful villages in France. One of the sights of the village is the church of the XVIII century, and next to the village are caves. Porto is a very beautiful place, located on the shores of the gulf of Porto, bordered by wooded slopes and steep walls of cliffs. Breathtaking from the play of colors on the rocky slopes. The sea is extraordinary here. And all this beauty is bordered with lush plants, making a delightful contrast to each other. It is no coincidence that Porto Bay has long been included by UNESCO in the list of natural sites of world importance. The fishing port of Girolata (Girolata) at the border of the Scandola nature reserve, connected to the rest of the island only by a pack trail (about 1.5 hours from the nearest road), has an almost fabulous view, especially due to the bright glow of the surrounding red rocks. A majestic watchtower, built by the Genoese at the end of the 17th century in the form of a small castle on a cliff above the bay (can be seen only during a short boat trip), rises above a short stretch of stony shore and several buildings.
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