Sanginers in the footsteps of the French writer Alphonse Daudet
(Sanginer Islands – Apiary Le Jardin des Abeilles – Winery Ornasca)
During our tour, we will visit the Sanginer Islands - a small archipelago of four islands located in a small bay on the west coast near the city of Ajaccio. Thanks to its scenic view of the sunset, the pink porphyry folded by nature has also been given the name Blood Islands. Rumors also attributes to the islands a large amount of blood spilled on them, in particular, during the Corsican vendettas - the local custom of blood feud. In the XIX century, the writer Alfons Daudet, who lived on the largest island of the archipelago Mezamare, wrote "Letters from My Mill", a work in which descriptions of the lives of ordinary people and the nature of southern France are intertwined, as well as local folklore. Currently, there is a lighthouse on one of the islands, and watchtowers on the other. We will take a short walk to the "Parata Tower", which was built in the middle of the 16th century on the instructions of Lieutenant Spinola. There is a great view of the majestic islands of the Sanginer archipelago.

Then we visit the Apiary Le Jardin des Abeilles, which is also located near the city of Ajaccio. Here you can discover the fascinating world of bees and beekeeping in a shady area of 2000 m². During this walk you will find information scattered throughout the trees: from the history of the bees to the products of the hive and the dance of the bees. Here you can enjoy the preserved unique natural area and get both aesthetic pleasure and pleasure from the smells that permeate this place! Here you can also try and purchase different varieties of the famous Corsican honey. (The entrance to the park costs 4 euros, for children 2 euros).

A visit to the Ornasca wine estate with a tasting, just 12 km from Ajaccio. Domain Ornasca was founded in 1995 on the enthusiasm of Vincent Tol, after a few years he planted a traditional vineyard of high quality on almost 10 hectares and builds a modern, efficient cellar. His daughter Leticia supported her father's fascination with agriculture and already in 1999 at the age of 26. After the death of her father, she continued the winemaking together with his partner Jean-Antoine Manenti, and to this day, passionate about the common cause, produce high-quality certified wines using the best grape varieties.
4-5 hours while cruise liner stop

12 km

350€ per group max 4 prs.
550€ per group of 5-7 prs. (we use minivan)

+33 (777) 958-326 (whatsapp)

France, Corsica, TORRA. RN 198. Vescovato. 20215
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