Excursion to Ajaccio

The cult of Napoleon and the enjoyment of art.
The lively port city is attractive with galleries of painting, the best market in Corsica and countless reminders of the great son of Ajaccio - Napoleon Bonaparte.
During our excursion you will learn different versions of the origin of Ajaccio.
Of great interest is the House - Museum of Napoleon (maison Bonaparte), here you will learn a lot of interesting things about the birth of life and the family of Napoleon.
Walking in the footsteps of Napoleon we will start from the central square of the Old Town - Marechal - Foch. Then visit the museum of Napoleon, located in the city hall. Through the Cesar-Kampinshi Square we will pass to the Cathedral of Our Lady of 1582, built in which baptized Napoleon himself.

Port d Ajaccio

Art lovers will be interested to visit the museum Fesh, which became a real treasury of the city. Here you can admire the collection of Italian painting from the 14th to the 18th centuries, whose pearls are paintings by such great masters as Botticelli, Giovanni Bellini and Titian.
Every morning on the square the market is noisy, multicolored and the most beautiful in Corsica. Here you can buy and try everything that the fertile land of the island brings.

Then the program provides for the visit of the archipelago "Bloody Islands" and the peninsula of Parata.

* - At the request of tourists, changes may be made to the excursion program.

The tour takes 3-4 hours
at a rate of 50 euro / hour

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