Tour to the Upper Balagna

The place where the creations of Cervantes come to life
The upper Balagne is suffused with the spirit of the Middle Ages, as though the entire area froze forever at the junction of times and cultures.
Millennial olives and half-millennial oil mills make visitors recall the illustrations to the timeless Don Quixote classic. A journey through this beautiful, mysterious world is sure to leave an impression to be cherished for years.
Upper Balagne offers all three main categories of attractions: the exotic, the ancient, and the wild.
The 75-kilometer-long Upper Balagne tour starts in the small town of Lumio. Here the medieval culture left its most prominent mark: churches and chapels, miraculously intact at this age.

Locari beach

Farther on, many small towns and villages are strewn along the picturesque Panoramic road. One of them is the enigmatic Speloncato, named after a huge nearby rock that hides a cave entrance.
The Panoramic road ends in the village of Belgodere, which affords a great panoramic view of the entire Balagne.

The Upper Balagne tour is an excellent opportunity to discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Corsica combined with the charm of old architecture. As a pleasant bonus, visitors can take a dip at Lozari, one of the most beautiful beaches in Balagne.

* - At the request of tourists, the program of the excursion may be amended.

Duration: 8 hours

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