Excursion to Patrimonio

The man who tastes wine, as much about wine, as much about himself, - said JAN-MARK KAREN, wine taster. And he's right!
We suggest you make an excursion to Patrimonio, where you make the best wines in Corsica.
The hills overlooking one another hide vineyards from the wind that open their leaves, enjoying the warm western sun.
Thanks to the fertile soil, the grapes grew here always. Winemakers used here the secrets of ancestral mastery, kept by generations.


Local wines are distinguished by a special nobility, conveying all the splendor of the best Corsican varieties of grapes. It is here that a certain Corsican style is born, carved by the island itself, bathed in the rays of the sun, blown by the sea winds and intoxicated height.

The richness and subtlety of the reds, the splendor of the white and the bright individuality of the rosé wines, the legendary reputation of the Muscat - everything feels the character and what is called the terroir - the unique spirit of this land.
We will invite you to visit some of the best domains. In the first you will know and see the whole technology of wine production, taste it. In the second in a beautiful living room you will also be offered tasting and tell about wine. In the third domain, at your request (for additional fee), you will be offered wine and Corsican cheese tasting. In the 4th domain, in addition to wine tasting, you can tasting sharkutery (Corsican sausages).

Sipping a glass of wine is like sensing a drop of time from the river of time - Clifton Feidiman, and we hope that after our tasting you will agree with this statement.

Further we suggest to drive to the city of Saint Florent, and make a short walk through this wonderful Corsican Saint Tropez.

* - At the request of tourists, changes may be made to the excursion program.

Duration: whole day

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